sending love

just want to send love to you all. please join me in gathering as much data as we can so that once we get through the hard times ahead we have the knowledge to rebuild. And when you are out there talk to people. Build community. It's so important right now.

We'll survive. I didn't feel that way in the depths of the night but today i see that we will.


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I can use iNaturalist in Canada, right?

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there's a special portal for it,

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Same to you, Charlie. I completely agree on the value of building community, and observing for iNaturalist is a great way to do so.

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Thanks, Charlie. And you are so right about the "talk to people" piece. As much as possible, we need to draw people to the point of view of valuing and caring for the earth and its living things, rather than putting ourselves in a little ivory tower of being in some "fringe environmental group" bent on disrupting "progress" and "growth." There are surprising connections to be made with folks who appear to be in the camp of "the other." Lots of work to do. Continuing to contribute to iNat, and SHARING it with others, is important work!

sending love back...

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Well said and right back at you.

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Thanks @charlie. I have been both optimistic and distraught/dejected, it seems to go in waves. That I suppose is natural. I think it is helpful to plug into community efforts (whether local or of iNat scale) as a balance to reading the news.

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