Sloane Canyon

Hello Everyone,

Just inviting you to come out and BioBlitz with me at Sloane Canyon
in Dehesa on Saturday, March 10th. I went through the San Diego
County page and picked names that were familiar with San Diego
but anyone else you think of that is in or near San Diego can join
up; feel free to tag them on here. There is a project page for Sloane Canyon up:

It is near Sycuan. I was thinking with this rain that we've had and
the weather warming up, this would be an ideal time to BioBlitz
this canyon.


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Hi Hector,

Sounds interesting! Looks like this is all on Kumeyaay/Diegueno Conservancy land. Is the Conservancy aware and on board with the Bioblitz? I look forward to finding Glyptostoma newberryanum in Sloane Canyon!

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I'll contact them and let them know we'll be there. I also know two of the gentleman that live along the road.

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It also depends on how many of us will be there. If only two, then probably no need considering how many people are in there for hikes and riding quads/trikes each weekend. If a lot of people, I'll definitely let them know; so a sound-off of everyone who would like to join up would be good!

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Sounds good. Count me in.

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I should be able to make it as well.

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My attendance is dependent on my dissertation progress; I'm a probably not but hopefully yes.

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Wish I could join you, but I have a previously scheduled commitment at Mission Trails. Thanks for inviting me, though!

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I may be able to join for a few hours, but I'll have to pull myself away eventually to get back to my thesis.

@amplex4love might be interested?

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I'm down. I haven't had time to go iNatting recently so this would be a nice way to change that.

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I would love to attend, but will have to see how my dissertation is coming along. Might be a good time/place to start turning up Lichanura...

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I'm definitely interested in going!

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