Record: mystery case moths

During a recent trip to Molonglo Gorge (ACT), I spotted three caterpillars with cases made from sticky everlasting petals. The usually helpful iNat auto-identifier wasn't able to shed much light, so after a little bit of internet research it seems they are an undescribed species of case moth.

The internet revealed several case moth species:
In particular undetermined species BB, which has similar petal cases and was found nearby, but the source flowers were different:

I've exchanged a few emails with the Don Herbison-Evans from that website, and he advised that they could be Psychidae or Tineoidea, so he's suggested rearing a specimen in captivity to see what pops out, which sounds like a fun science experiment, so I'll be heading back to Molonglo Gorge to see if we can find any...and then see what happens...!

Stay tuned.

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ססתיקיים (משפחה Psychidae)




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not sure what to ID this as. A caterpillar in a case made from sticky everlasting (Xerochrysum viscosum) flowers!


That psychbb has since been identified as a Heliocosma species, like
Did you succeed in rearing one?
A new unknown psychid has since been put in psychbb !

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Thanks for the update Don @donhe ! I didn't end up attempting to rear one, as I live in an apartment and couldn't work out a way to ensure the sticky everlasting plants could stay alive sufficiently, but mine have a lot of similarities with the H. species at your link. Cheers

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