Today, Wednesday 18 November, 2020, I joined the iNaturalist Community. I hope to be able to post my photos of animals and plants soon.
Recently an Iris grew in my front lawn.
There is a pond with a caiman not too far.
I have noticed butterflies such as White Peacock, Thaos Swallowtail, Sweet Oil and the South American Moth.
Over the years, lots of plants and animals are no longer seen or lost because of cutting of trees to build houses. The original pond was filled. There was a large variety of trees, some I hardly see.
We used to have candlebush, and immortelle, I do not see those anymore.
There are still some species of Bois Canoe (Cecropia peltata) around.
When I was a child, Red Peacock butterflies were in abundance. I do not see them as much because most of the natural flowers such as Christmas bush, Sida acuta etc. are gone. I used to see a few shrubs of Lantana camara growing wild, the red and orange variety but I do not see those anymore.
There was a large Mahogany tree not far from my house. It is long gone. Its seeds used to blow into my yard and I used to throw them in the air and watch them act as a helicopter propeller.
A little way from my home, I used to see two Kapok or Ceiba pentandra. One had fallen when I was younger and the other, I am not sure if it was cut down. A lot of Corbeau used to perch on the one that remained. When I was a child and in my 20s, a woodpecker used to visit.
Recently, the birds I see often are Palm and Blue gray tanagers, Tropical Mockingbirds, Kiskedees, Carib Grackles, Southern Lapwings, Corbeaux and Crested Orependolas. Now and again, a couple of Caracaras are seen and heard. The smaller birds attack them. Now and again, I see pairs of parrots flying, most likely yellow headed Amazon parrots. There used to be a few of them. I saw a pair of macaws already. I have seen a Pygmy owl close by and a Barn owl once flew quietly over my head. Over ten years ago I used to see a male parson bird and his female companion. Now and again I might see an Oriole, Cuckoo and Parrotlets.
We used to have iguanas and manicou. I haven't seen them in quite sometime.
A large caiman came into our yard on Sunday 20th September, 2020. Our place is fenced, I don't know how he got in. He could have climbed the chain link fence. He was around 6 feet long.
At dusk there are bats flying around.
We used to have tonka bean trees around but they are gone. Bats used to drop the fruits in our yard.
There was a very tall Coccoloba latifolia once, it towered above the other trees, I can't say for sure how tall it was. The dried leaves used to come over into our yard. I hardly see that tree around. I remember the leaves especially.

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Unfortunately, our country is 'developing' and the cost of that 'development' is our natural environment. I've heard stories like yours wayyy too much recently. Your area seems biodiverse though, quite lucky. I live in Chaguanas, most of our biodiversity is entomological which isn't bad. But I'd love to see some Tegus for a change.

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Thanks for the feedback. My area still changed a lot. It is so different to when I was a child. We still have some creatures around but I miss the natural vegetation and the pond we once had

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