Bluebird Observation

To the best of his ability, the male will pick out a nesting site he feels his mate would prefer. If she accepts, she will begin to bring nesting materials. He showed her the owl box; at first, it seemed suitable for her, but she declined. Until he found the bluebird box, just over the fence, and she accepted, but unfortunately, a pair of chickadees had already claimed the box. Well, if the female wanted that box and she got it.

Read the rest of my backyard bluebird observation:

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Holy cow! That was fantastic - David Attenborough level observations. Excellent narration and the photos and video are all phenomenal. My wife and I were super impressed and very jealous - thanks for sharing.

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I really enjoyed that Alice. Very well done! I tried a bluebird box twice. The first time it was raided by a red-shouldered hawk and the second by a squirrel and I never tried again.

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