Checklist of Fucellia (Diptera: Anthomyiidae) north of Mexico

Fucellia aestuum Aldrich, 1918: 178: British Columbia, s. toOreg.
Fucellia albeola Huckett, 1927: 163: NY
Fucellia antennata Stein, 1910: 23: Alaska, s. to California& e. to Quebec), Russia (Far East)
Fucellia ariciiformis (Holmgren, 1872: 103): Alaska to Greenland, s. to Manitoba & Newfoundland
Fucellia assimilis Malloch, 1918: 317: California & BajaCalif.
Fucellia biseriata Huckett, 1966: 47: Alaska*
Fucellia costalis Stein, 1910: 21: California & BajaCalif.
Fucellia fucorum (Fallén, 1819: 5): Alaska, s. to California; Greenland
Fucellia hypopygialis Ringdahl, 1930: 7: Alaska?
Fucellia kamtchatica Ringdahl, 1930: 7: Alaska
Fucellia pictipennis Becker, 1907: 411: Alaska and east?
Fucellia pluralis Huckett, 1965: 24: Nunavut, Manitoba*
Fucellia rejecta Aldrich, 1918: 171: Oregon, s. to Baja California &Sonora
Fucellia rufitibia Stein, 1910: 25: British Columbia, s. to BajaCalif
Fucellia separata Stein, 1910: 24: British Columbia, s. to BajaCalif.
Fucellia tergina (Zetterstedt, 1845: 1690): Alaska, s. to Sonora; Illinois to Labrador, s. to Florida; Greenland; Bermuda (syn. Fucellia pacifica Malloch, Fucellia maritima ssp. pacifica Malloch, Fucellia intermedia Lundbeck)
Fucellia thinobia (Thomson, 1869: 563): Alaska & Oregon, California?, Russia (Far East)
Fucellia vibei Collin, 1951: 187: Nunavut

*Newly added species since Catalogue of Diptera North of Mexico (1965).

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