Species of Dermestes north of Mexico

Subgenus Dermestes
pulcher* Canada: Manitoba, New Brunswick, Quebec; U.S.A.: Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin
reductus* Canada: Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec; U.S.A.: North Dakota
signatus* Canada; U.S.A

Subgenus Dermestinus
caninus Canada; Hawaiian Is.; Mexico; U.S.A Mexico; U.S.A.: California, New Mexico, Texas
fasciatus Canada: Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan; U.S.A
marmoratus Canada; Mexico; U.S.A.
talpinus Canada; U.S.A
sardous* California
nidum** Canada; U.S.A
haemorrhoidalis** U.S.A.
rattus** Canada: Alberta, British Columbia; U.S.A.: Alabama, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming California, Oregon, Wyoming

*Not yet in BugGuide

**These are in Dermestinus, not in BugGuide, have been recorded in America by Hava (2015), but the addition of these species overshoots the species count of 10 for this subgenus as set by BugGuide (1 of these would still fit but not sure which of these is counted as part of the 10 by BG).

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