Cryptogams in the city

Congratulations to Daphne (@kalimata), our 'Discovering cryptogams' winner, and Kongwak Primary School (@kongwak-junior-p-3), who were Highly Commended! Daphne enjoyed looking at the area where she lives with fresh eyes and discovered many cryptogams she hadn't noticed before. During the week she uploaded photos of some of the lichens, mosses, fungi, ferns and algae that make the city their home.

© kalimata

If you want to enter the Week 3 challenge (Discovering invertebrates), email your entry to by midnight AEST tonight (Wednesday 1 July).

For Week 4, the focus will be on animals with more than eight legs (and we're pretty flexible on what we'll accept as 'legs'). Visit the Bush Blitz website for further details.

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