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I’m a high school student from Northern Virginia with a strong interest in reptiles and amphibians, especially salamanders.

Some things in particular that interest me include: influences on the geographic distribution of species and species complexes, species with very limited geographic distributions, influences on the spread of invasive species, effects of invasive species on ecosystems, effects of urbanization and habitat destruction/degradation/pollution on amphibian populations (salamanders in particular), species that are dependent upon certain other species, and many, many other things.

Other taxa I'm interested in (most of which I'm still not very good at identifying) include: ants, ant crickets (as well as other myrmecophilous arthropods), Carabid beetles, millipedes in the family Xystodesmidae, millipedes in the order Callipodida, millipedes in the genus Cleidogona, millipedes in the genus Striaria, pseudoscorpions, Sphagnum mosses, ferns, various carnivorous plants, various rare wetland plants, and liverworts, among many others.

Feel free to tag me to help identify any reptile or amphibian observation. If I can’t identify it, I’ll find someone who can.


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