Aidan Campos אוצר

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I’m a 17 year old HS student independently studying various sub-fields of biology. My main focus is botany (I specialize in the Cactaceae, Solanaceae, & Old World Rosoideae) with mycology coming in a close second place for my interest, though I will not hesitate to dive into spending days on end learning about other organisms such as insects or reptiles. I take every opportunity I can to do field work and observe the organisms around me, be it a suburban area, local park, or on a family vacation. Along with my field botany work, for the past 2 years I’ve been working on a personal (and hopefully some day research-worthy) seed bank of wild plant species as well as unique cultivars of domesticated species that has now amassed upwards of 3,000 accessions at last count. iNaturalist has been a recent discovery for me but it has quickly become just as important to my studies as research papers and other scientific publications, and I intend to use it throughout my entire journey as a biologist.

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